Fran Krause is an animator, illustrator, and cartoonist that has brought his and our irrational fears into life through colored lines. What began as a web comic found in is now turned into an amusing and terrifying book.

deep dark fears.jpg

I got this book as a present for my sister for Christmas. On a daily basis, she would go on to Tumblr and submit her own irrational fears, in hope that hers get illustrated someday. It wasn’t long until I asked my dad to buy this book for her from me as a present. And what a lovely Christmas it was! I got her a book that says DEEP DARK FEARS and she was overjoyed.


In this book, Deep Dark Fears, Krause certainly captures the true essence of fear. He illustrates it vividly, making sure you didn’t miss that panel that involves blood in a comedic way. Aside from the content of this book, the art is really well done. The water color style is easy on the eyes, and every irrational fear got the comic it deserved, all thanks to this fellow right here that did a great job.


The book is a collection of 101 comics, which isn’t bad but as easy it is to read, it is also way too quick to finish. Nevertheless, the collection of the comics was so good that I didn’t mind reading it over and over again.


Although this book gave me some troubling nights, I would definitely recommend you to grab a copy of Deep Dark Fears! It is funny, amusing, gruesome, wonderfully illustrated, and will give you nightmares and anxiety for the next following days. Enjoy your read!

Details of the Book: 144 pages | 6.8 x 0.7 x 8.3 inches | Hard cover | English

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