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On December 2015, the beloved children’s classic story of the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was translated to the big screen as a full length animated feature. If you have seen the movie, you would know that the movie is in CGI and beautiful stop motion. This art book definitely extends the story behind the scenes. This book is written by Ramin Zahed, Foreward by Jeff Bridges (The voice actor of the Aviator), and Introduction by Mark Osborne (The director of the movie).

Unlike other art books out there, it doesn’t have a dust cover but a solid hard cover with some nice texture. I’m aware that there is another version of the book where the cover shows the Little Prince and the Fox in their stop-motion form. This version, as you can see, is a concept art of the Aviator meeting the Little Prince for the first time at the Sahara Desert.

This book is divided to  different parts: Foreword, Introduction, Beginning the Journey: The Terrifying Challenge of Adapting a Classic, Exploring the Neighborhood, The Art of Peter De Sève, The Art of Lou Romano, The Art of Céline Desrumaux, Storyboard and Color Script Development, Exploring the World of Saint-Exupéry, The Art of Alexander Juhasz, Scene Spotlight: The Aviator’s Plane Crashes in The Desert, Exploring the Universe, Tackling the Complexities of Scale and Texture, The Play of Light and Shadows, The Challenge of Creating CG Cloth and Hair, The Cutting Room Floor, Scene Spotlight: Releasing the Stars and Afterword. (Whoo that’s a lot!)

Here are some previews of the book:





What I like about this book that it explains the iconic characters and locations in the book and what was present in the movie. Some may be disappointed with the fact that there were several characters that wasn’t given a scene in stop-motion form but was not entirely cut out in the movie such as the Lamplighter. They explain in the book why they wasn’t able to allot a scene for them.

Nonetheless, they present their content well. There is at least a spread for each character and location in the movie, that is both full in text and in art. Not only do you see the pre-production art, you get to know the story behind it! They include as well stills of the crew working on the stop-motion scenes in the movie, and no joke that stop-motion is hard and deserves to be recognized.

Overall, the book is as beautiful as it is insightful. This book boasts beautiful artwork, from concept art to storyboards to color scripts to the stop-motion models used in the movie. You really come to appreciate the hard work put into the movie after reading this.So if you’re a fan of the movie or the book or just love looking at art, don’t hesitate to grab a copy for yourself. (I’m so glad that I got this 20% off at Fullybooked BGC branch!)

Details: 160 pages | 11.3 x 0.7 x 10.3 inches | Hard cover | English

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